Sessions and Fees

Session Regularity

The first time we meet we will explore together the issues that have brought you here and how counselling or therapy might be of use to you. Sessions can be on a weekly basis or alternate weeks in some cases, at roughly the same time each week. A session lasts about 50-55 minutes, starting and ending at the same time. Regularity is an important part of the therapy process.

Time limited work

Therapy is time limited when we decide on a specific number of sessions, or when the end date is known in advance. We might agree on a set number of sessions, normally 6-8 with review at that point. You may want open-ended therapy, each person is unique and duration may depend on a number of factors we are not aware of at the beginning. When you decide to end therapy this may also be a significant event so it’s desirable to allow time for this.


Currently fees are set at £60, with concessions available.

I always suggest an initial brief consultation via phone or zoom to make an assessment of your needs (20 minutes).
It is best to work face to face as this is most supportive for you, but I can also offer occasional meetings on Zoom or Skype to suit you.